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it erupts. >>> back here at home, the amgen tour of california is officially underway. the cyclists took off from escondido yesterday for the first leg of the 750-mile bike ride. now, louie, from the netherlands, won the first stage. cyclists will ride from murrieta to palm springs. this is the first year the route takes cyclists up to the top of mt. diablo. that happens on saturday. then the final stage begins in san francisco on sunday. it will end in santa rosa on the 19th. >>> 7:23. amtrak will unveil the first of 70 new locomotives being built in screaks. more than 31 million passengers rode amtrak during the last fiscal year. amtrak says these will create cost savings with energy-saving technology and lower maintenance costs. the first of the new engines will be tested an put in service on the east coast by the fall. all 70 will be in service by the year 2016. >>> let's check in with sal, see how things are moving on the roads an rails -- and rails. >> the traffic on highway 4, it's moving along pretty well if you are driving on highway 4. you will see some slowing in antioch, coming u
by antioch and fairfield where the amgen tour will round up today. mid-60s closer to san francisco. things warm up a little more for tomorrow. warmest day coming up monday. our cooler days of the week approaching wednesday and thursday. the sea breeze starts to pick back up. >> all right, thanks, bob. happening right now, hundreds of people are lined up for a chance to get some free dental work. some people even camped out, starting last night, to make sure they were near the front when the doors opened. the clinic will open its doors soon and patients will be seen on a first come, first serve basis, no i.d. necessary. dentists, oral surgeons and hygienists are volunteering their time to perform those services ranging from basic exams to even extractions. the california dental association estimates 30% of californians or 11 million people do not have dental insurance. those who were in line since last night say today is a day they've been waiting for. >> god sends angels all over the world. i know it's like, wow, teeth, what a big deal. but it is a big deal, it's a very big deal. >> the fr
chavez park at the berkeley marina. ktvu's john sasaki was master of ceremony. >>> the 2013 amgen tour of california kicks off tomorrow. this is video from last year's race. this year's tour begins in escondido in san diego county. tomorrow morning it ends a week from tomorrow here in the bay area. in fact, the final stage starts at san francisco's marina green and ends in santa rosa. dutch cyclist robert gesink won last years' tour of california. >>> bottle rock festival in napa is wrapping and after the set by the kings of leon. the shins were among last night's performers. organizers have not released sales figure, but they expected about 35,000 people today to enjoy music by more than a dozen band on three stages along with a lot of napa wine and food. cake and train are among the bands that will play the final day of the festival tomorrow. >>> our web team has posted a slide show of highlights from bottle rock. can you find under the "images" tab on our homepage. >>> uc davis was recently ranked notch 1 in thewold for teaching and research in agriculture and forestry. the q-s worl
. >> all right, rob. >> the amgen tour of california started today near san diego. >> let's go, let's go, let's go. >> there they go. all right, 128 cyclists from 16 teams will make their way north over the next several days. for the first time since the race debuted in 2006. cyclists will go from south to north. the race will pass through san jose to livermore. from the first time, mt. deab bow is part of the course. and then by across the finish line in santa rosa on sunday. >> the race has already been around for several years. it's really come a long way. >> that's pretty cool. >> speaking of sports. >> mindy boch what's going on? >> well, my heart is racing thinking about matt diablo. it is hard. another thrilling overtime win. we'll have more reaction from oracle. tim lincecum does something for the braves he hasn't done in three years. look at them kids. [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you watched movies?! i was lucky if
for amgen tour action, there could be a little bit of cloud cover, a full weekend forecast and major heat coming up in just moments. >>> in health matters tonight, your cell phone may raise your blood pressure. new research out of italy found when people who have moderate to high blood>> and you may consider changing colors of your bedroom walls if you can't sleep. people that have blue walls get more sleep, yellow, green, orange have good sleep. purple, brown, gray and gold rooms, not so good. experts say some colors can be very restful to the eye while others stimulate people's imagination. >> we had gray skies today and then they turned into blue skies, what color of skies tomorrow? >> we'll have a little bit of gray, blue mixed in. plenty of yellow this weekend. easy to talk about weather and colors, right? all ri
. if you have any information ge in con wancisco police. >>> 6:08 is the time right now. the amgen tour of california will be in san francisco this sunday. but first cyclists will make their way through the streets of san jose today. cyclists will have individual time trials. the race starts at the ibm -- they have been making their way to the bay area ever since. tomorrow's leg begins in livermore and goes up mt. diablo. the final leg is on sunday. from san francisco to santa rosa. now ktvu will is have live coverage on air and online every day through sunday. then on sunday morning we will bring you the events live as they happen and tomorrow morning mornings on 2 san francisco police chief greg suhr will be joining us at 7:45. he's going to have everything you need to know about d en. >>> sal, you are watching the roads still. so far so good. >> yeah it hasn't been all that bad. we are certainly seeing more people on the road now. we are getting more of a crowd for example at the toll plaza on 880 but it's not a huge crowd. north say anything. also the >>> if you are driving this mor
is stage 7 in the amgen tour of california is one of the most grueling day for the cyclists and will likely determine the winner of the entire race. the 92-mile course makes a loop from livermore starting at north livermore avenue and cromwell way. it finishes atop mound diablo. a climb of nearly 4,000 feet. yesterday in san jose riders left the starting line. every minute for individual time trials on a difficult, hilly course. today they will have to paddle up mt. diablo where some of the largest crowds in the history of the tour turned out. this year's course follows the same route as last year but adds an extra five miles to the actual summit. maybe it's worth it. at the top on a clear day you can see for 200 miles. >> tomorrow morning the final lag of the race will start in san francisco and cross the golden gate bridge to santa rosa. also tomorrow the 102nd bay to breakers 12k race and that means street closers. you can get help navigating -- we just had a light blowout in the studio. you can get around with their waze trafficp. f on apple store or from google play. always exciting th
now. it's the final leg of amgen, california." right now you see them crossing the golden gate bridge. the 81-mile course begins at the marina green, crosses the golden gate bridge, passes through sausalita, goes up the coast along highway one. they expect the largest finish -- crowd ever at the finish line in santa rosa. ms. argen and i were telling you you might have a little delay getting back across the golden gate bridge. >> as i follow that path it's getting warmer and warmer from san francisco up to santa rosa. later on today plenty of 10s in the north bay rifle now the view nice and clear out there. we are talking about temperatures comfortable. and when the heat will go away. but before that we are talking about one more hot next. >> thank you, lisa. also next, cracks first, now corrosion. the report out this morning raising new issues with the eastern span of the new bay bridge. plus, the outcry that prompted one bay area chef to pull a controversial dish off >> breaking news. early this morning san francisco fire departments worked to put out a two-alarm fire. it broke out
and hope to talk to somebody, a represent for amgen to talk about the excitement that's going to be happening in the next couple of hours. reporting live, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. >>> ktvu will have the live coverage of the tour and the bay to breakers on air and online every day through sunday and on sunday morning we'll bring you both of events live as they happen. also tomorrow san fransisco police chief greg sir will be joining us at 7:45 oem45 on mornings on 2 with everything you need to know. >>> 7:36, you need a bike to get through the toll plaza right now. >>> you know, and i recall when i was young, you guys when i didn't work in television in the morning and i would actually consider getting up early on the weekends. >> not now. >>> good morning everything let's go out and take a look at the commute now, traffic is as dave mentioned i would say maybe you should hold off if you can. the toll plaza is busy. it was lighter at about an hour ago. it kind of lightened up and i thought it was going to stay that way for the rest of the morning, but we have a la
stay in the competition. >>> cyclists in the amgen tour of california will roll into san jose later today. the 19.6-mile course will start on bailey avenue at the ibm silicon valley lab after. the finish line is on metcalf road at the motorcycle park. parking is limited. >>> and the cyclists have been racing for five days so far. this is file video of last year's race. the biggest challenge today, the exhausting twisting climb to the top of metcalf road. the race that ends on sunday in santa rosa includes a very climactic finish on mount diablo and they will do that on saturday. >>> speaking of finishing, the warriors season is over but what a year they had. >> right. it was a tough finish though. they thrilled a full house at oracle arena with a strong second round play-off series before losing to the san antonio spurs last night. jack is proud to wear the warriors uniform. >> nothing in my closet is better than what i have on now. >> a lot of frustration for a lot of years. i'm just really happy for the fans that we could give them a good product this year. >> it was a great year.
safety and whether his team should stay in the competition. >>> cyclists in the amgen tour of california will roll into san jose today. the 19.6-mile course will start on bailey avenue at the ibm silicon valley lab after noon. the finish line santa clara county motorcycle park on metcalf road. if you are planning now on checking out the race, keep in mind, parking is limited. cyclists have been racing for five days so far. this is file video of last year's race. the big challenge the climb to the top of metcalf road. the race ends on sunday in santa rosa and includes a big finish atop mount diablo on saturday afternoon. >>> 6:10 now. a heartbreaking loss for golden state warriors last night. it's tough to take. they were so good but couldn't quite beat the spurs. san antonio managed to hold them off to win the second round series four games to two. but the warriors came away proud with what they accomplished with a young team this year. >> i will not be prouder of any group that i ever coached than this group. >> looking down at this jersey, man, it's just a sense of pride that i don't t
leg of the amgen tour of california kicks off at the marina green. yesterday though reports of a suspicious package near the route prompted police to shut down and e quavacuate a large section of downtown livermore. the package found in a dumpster turned out to be a box of post cards but the scare meant two to three hours of lost revenue for downtown businesses. >> i think about that just the other night, think about the whole thing that happened in boston. anytime you have any kind of a gathering or event, a lot of people in a crowd, you worry about somebody doing something idiotic or stupid. >> today the cyclisists will ta off from marina green and cross the finish line in santa rosa. coming up at 7:00, check your tickets carefully. a powerball ticket worth more than $2 million was sold at a south bay 7-eleven. the question is was it yours. right now here is a little more from the "today" show. >>> good morning. we're back on a rainy sunday morning. it's may 19th, 2013. a nice crowd embracing the elements, and joining us on rockefeller plaza. we thank them for spending som
honored this saturday at the amgen tour. there is a profound difference in the. she is a call-back volunteer who talks to cancer patients to determine if their needs are being met. she spends time talking with recently diagnosed breast cancer patients to relieve their concerns. as one of the walnut creek american cancer society look good, feel better coordinateors, deteaches women who are undergoing radiation to pick out wigs. she has survived cancer. and battling a neurological disorder but hasn't let that slow her down. she is a true inspiration. i'm lucky to represent her in the united states congress and look forward to seeing her this weekend on the amgen tour. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from pennsylvania seek recognition? mr. thompson: request unanimous consent to address the house for one minute and revise and extend. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. thompson: mr. speaker, in 2009, the college commencement address, president obama joked he could use the internal revenue service to target political enemies. it appears that
it is likely to be crowded around the bay area. the amgen for between livermore and out diablo from saturday to sunday. they'll be running from sampras's coach of santa rosa starting every green at 815. yet the a's and rose saturday and sunday. sharks and kings on saturday night and the data breakers on sunday will have some street closers in downtown san francisco starting saturday night. ♪ >> lets take a minute to realize the promises we made for the warriors seemed to be in this position it is a good thing. we give bill on this for next year. >> we fought. i could not be prouder of any group. i can go on and win championships. i will not be prouder of any group that i've ever coached in this group. i never had one issue. i did not have one guy with a separate agenda. i did not have cliques inside of my locker room. it was incredible. >> i've got admit i got a little for clamp. >> you get for clamped but i will be there and maybe five years when mark jackson wins a world championship. he was a this was a good game but the year related to this and get around, that once my favorite. it was
materials unit fire department responded to an incident at the amgen corporation at oyster point shortly after noon today. spokesperson there was a flammable liquid spill at the facility. >> pam: for a short time and one person needed medical attention. he was treated at the scene and taken to a local hospital. hazmat crews began closing down the operation just >> jacqueline: spotty showers into thursday. moving over the bay area now cloudy coverage. even more rain on the way pc off shore here. 4:00, largely dry showers movie man. not very enthusiastic right tamalpais pestering i still think we will see spotty showers. drier conditions and to this evening. it will also be cooler largely in the '60s with a few low 70's. not by and antioch 70 to 71 degrees. also into the weekend weather conditions are improving. ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day
to a hospital. no word yet on the condition. no one else was injured. >>> cyclists in the amgen tour of california will roll into san jose today. the 19.6-mile course will start on bailey avenue after noon. the finish line is at santa clara county motorcycle park on metcalf road. the cyclists have been racing for five days so far. the biggest challenge for today, the exhausting twisting climb to the top of metcalf road. the race ends sunday in santa rosa. >>> a lot of sunshine coming our way today. still a few leftover clouds outside. the winds will be kicking up into the afternoon. our mount vaca cam looking good, mostly clear skies there. and plenty of sunshine coming our way the next few days as high pressure builds in. today going to be a transitional day as it will take time for the ridge to build in. still breezy at the coastline. but as that ridge builds in over the weekend these temperatures are going to be warming up. 50s at the coast, 60s inside the bay, low 70s inland. then toward the weekend, those temperatures pumping up into the 80s by sunday and monday. then cooling of
against the clock in stage six of the amgen tour in california in san jose. bailey avenue and south san jose, ride 20 miles and finish with a difficult climb up metcalf road. it is the time trial stage. pretty cool to see. check on the morning commute with mike. how are we looking? >> we're okay. it's friday. show you the berkeley curve heading away from our camera in emeryville. you see there is slowing approaching, heading to the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll talk about the maps. speaking of 50s, that's really good even for a friday we don't expect that nice of a flow here. 880 north and west 580. those are showing heavier, slower drive for oakland right now. that should start to clear up. the commute on friday tends to last less into the morning, about 9:30 we see good clearing. here on the peninsula slow both directions 101 around 92 unusually slow for northbound direction. we'll follow this and make sure things start to clear out a bit. northbound routes through the south bay. into downtown is slow, laura. >> everyone getting a jump on that weekend, right? all right. see you in half
-related problems. >> the amgen tour will cake off. the seven day race will kick off in escondido and extra security is expected during this year's race. >> following the bombings last month. this is the route cyclists will take. they won't make their way up there until friday. >> the final stage starts next sun day and ends in santa can rosa. and it is mapping the same time as the and we will have live coverage of both events. next sunday and we will be here. >> 837 a. we will turn to rose may -- 8:37. we turn to rosemary nor a look. >> it is a good looking start to the day. we do have another warm up for the inland areas along the coast and inside the bay. it is going to be mild. there is a little bit of haze and woke up with fog around the bay. it is clearing out of here. i expect it will remain along the coastline for most of the afternoon. temperatures will be cool there. and we have again, two stories to tell. >> clouds and cool conditions. and along areas of the coastline. you get inland. mostly sunny skies and it is going to be warm once again. >> fairly calm. and 21 miles an hour. >> the on
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